Rayya Elias

An ode to Rayya Elias 1960 – 2018 I can’t remember when I came across this interview below with Rayya Elias, I know it’s because I had read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and I was looking on YouTube for a video of her. I watched it yesterday and today (in 2 parts, kids make … More Rayya Elias

Kindness – Day 14

First post of 2018! Yay! Hoping you are well and you started the new year in good spirits. Today I wanted to share a new digital drawing, based on an original chalk pastel drawing. It’s the 14th digital drawing in my challenge to get 25 done (what started out as a 4 week challenge is … More Kindness – Day 14

Palm shoot – Day 13

“If the Hour (the day of Resurrection) is about to be established and one of you was holding a palm shoot, let him take advantage of even one second before the Hour is established to plant it.” – Al-Albani. Finally! I am so happy I finally finished this latest digital drawing. If you’ve been following … More Palm shoot – Day 13


Hello friends! I’m sharing a brief update on what I’ve been up to lately. The digital drawing challenge is still happening, I’m currently finishing of this one below: For the next 4 weeks I’m giving an art workshop at an elementary school to 100 4-6 year olds. Exploring the free use of materials and techniques.  … More Playful

Marbel Jar – Day 12

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well. Me and my kids have been hit by the classic first flu of autumn and it knocked us out a bit. As I’m continuing my digital drawing challenge of 25 drawings (which I am most definitely not finishing by the end of September lol) I have decided … More Marbel Jar – Day 12

The Piano – day 11

Day 11! Getting there slowly but steady, heading towards the finish line of 25 digital drawings…by the end of September..(probably October though..lol) I wanted to work on this drawing for a while now. I first started in February of this year, but didn’t have a digital drawing tablet yet, so I just worked on the … More The Piano – day 11

The Dream – day 10

Drawing no. 10 of the digital drawing challenge Many years ago (when I was a teen) we were sitting at the breakfast table with the whole family. It was a normal morning, we were chatting and there was a good mood, until everyone abruptly went silent when my dad said: “I had such a strange … More The Dream – day 10

Birth of a Kingdom – Day 8

Drawing 8 of the digital drawing challenge 🙂 For all you lot who don't have access to Instagram stories 😘 #digital #art #drawing #artist #artista #kunst #illustration #blogpost #dutchdesign #artmagazine #painting #paintforum #artforum #environment #nature #motherearth #earth #meditation A post shared by Isabella El-Hasan (@isabellaelhasan) on Aug 10, 2017 at 4:13am PDT Inspired by the … More Birth of a Kingdom – Day 8