In November 2015 I created drawings to illustrate an acronym: B.R.A.V.I.N.G. This is presented by Dr. Brené Brown during her talk: The Anatomy of Trust. Her talk was part of the Super Soul Sessions (by OWN). It is an amazing explanation of the inner workings of trust.

Scroll down to see all my drawings depicting the Acronym. You can also read the blogpost’s alongside each drawing (you can click on the drawings below)

I came to know about Brene Brown via Oprah Winfrey’s show Super Soul Sunday and implementing her wisdom into my daily life has shifted many things for me.

Find out more about her work here:

The Anatomy of Trust is also available on her website as a free training.

I’d love to hear from you if you use my drawings to process Dr Browns work, feel free to leave comments below or email me:

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selftrust 1

BRAVING a Journey


2015-11-11 14.22.39

BRAVING Boundaries

boundaries bbrown

BRAVING Reliability



BRAVING Accountability drawing 2

accountability 2



BRAVING Integrity

integrity final

BRAVING Non Judgement

non judgement final

BRAVING Generosity


BRAVING – self love

braving selflove

BRAVING Marble Jar Friends

marbel jar friends