Little break

Unfortunately my 3 year old daughter is currently sick with chickenpox, so I’ll be putting the digital drawing challenge on hold for a few days Back with you soon In sha Allah 

Fish Love – Day 4

— — — — — — — — — day 4 of the digital drawing challenge — — — — — — — — — — — Good Morning, Yesterday night I made today’s drawing…i wanted to draw something with the topic ‘Fly on the Wall’, my fiance gave me that as an idea..  I … More Fish Love – Day 4

Dance to freedom – Day 3

Hello again! Now on day 3 of the digital drawing challenge, I have been inspired by 2 beautiful music video’s showing women who dance expressing their struggle and totally defeating stereotypes. Look outside your bubble my friends, the world is huge… Here you can watch today’s process a bit: Day 3 of the digital drawing … More Dance to freedom – Day 3

Soundwaves – Day 2

It’s day 2 (of 25) of my digital drawing challenge! As a young teenager (12,13 yrs) during summer holidays I worked in an activity centre for disabled youth. I encountered young people with all sorts of disabilities which gave a whole new dimension to what it means to communicate. Including the use of sign language. … More Soundwaves – Day 2

Grenfell Tower

  So sickened and sad by what happened on 14 June 2017 to the the people of Grenfell Tower… Just to think that this could have been prevented makes me so angry! Grenfell will become a symbol of the hidden poverty of the West. The West, the so called ‘free world’ which is so great … More Grenfell Tower


Last month I watched a really well made Dutch documentary called “Ik alleen in de klas” which translates to: I alone in the class(room).  The filmmaker Karin Junger, a white mother to three black children, decided to make a documentary about the struggle that black and mixed race youth are experiencing growing up in the … More Searching